Practical Course on Microscopy:
Imaging Infection & Immunity

The CSIR-Synthetic Biology Emerging Research Area with the support of the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) are hosting a practical course entitled: “Imaging Infection & Immunity” .

This course, now in its fourth year, will be aimed at advanced Ph.D. students and post-docs who would like to learn new and emerging techniques in infection biology and light microscopy. The major objective of this practical course is to introduce wide-field, confocal, super-resolution, light sheet microscopy (SPIM), high throughput microscopy, microfluidics and imaging technologies to identify and characterize key molecules involved in immunity and infection. Ideally this will include screening a small gene family (via siRNA), assembling a basic light sheet microscope, building microfluidic chambers and advanced image analysis of data acquired during the course. Special attention will be paid to hands on microscopy and how cell based assays are developed to first identify the phenomenon, and then used to give robust and unambiguous results. We and EMBO particularly encourage applications from students and post docs from South Africa & and other countries in Africa.

Course Organizers:
Musa Mhlanga , Jost Enninga, Freddy Frischknecht